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Company Instrum-RandInstrum-Rand is a company which has a rich history of designing, manufacturing and selling its products, high quality traditions provided by its employees' professional competence. It is the world of tremendous scientific and technological ideas, the world of creativity and inventiveness implemented in metal.

Nowadays Instrum-Rand is a leading producer of air tools in Russia. It solves the problems of workplace complex equipment for assembly manufacture, heavy and processing industries, service centers. It also solves after-sales service problems and provides repairing of supplied air and special equipment meeting manufacture requirements.
Domestic and import technological equipment providing high quality of products is used at Instrum-Rand.
Highly efficient quality system has been developed and is used at Instrum-Rand.

Instrum-Rand designs and manufactures

  • Ecologically clean MRV air motors
  • Air tools: high-accuracy nutrunners, screwdrivers, grinders
  • Multispindle thread-screwdriving equipment
  • Digital Torque Wrenches

Instrum-Rand is the only producer of electronic control devices in Russia which are included in the Russian State measuring means register.


Company Instrum-RandInstrum-Rand is located in Pavlovo-on-the-Oka, Russia, on the manufacturing area of ex specialized design department working on assembly operation automation and mechanization for enterprises of automobile and agricultural mechanical engineering – Scientific Production Association, NPO "Mekhinstrument (established in 1965).

NPO "Mekhinstrument" had more than 40 year experience in thread screwdriving, methods and means of threaded joint assembly quality control, designing, manufacturing and implementation of special assembly equipment and tools. It is the owner of 286 patents for inventions.


High-performance quality system has been developed and is used at Instrum-Rand. In 1999 it was certified for the conformity with international standard ISO 9001.

Instrum-Rand was honored with the highest national quality award.

In accordance with the results of 2001 Instrum-Rand was awarded with Russian Government Prize Winner quality diploma.

In 2002 quality systems were certified in accordance with standard ISO 9001-2000, at the same time Instrum-Rand passed "Mercedes-Benz" technological audit.
Instrum-Rand is the only (in ex USSR) supplier passed MBTA and included in Mercedes-Benz supplier list.

In February, 2003 Instrum-Rand quality system was certified for conformity with German automobile standard requirements VDA 6.1.
Instrum-Rand is the first in Russia to be certified in VDA 6.1 system and is the only tool manufacturer in the world having such a perfect quality control system.

In 2004 quality management system was certified for conformity with standard ISO / TS 16949 : 2002.
The enterprise uses ecological technological processes. And it was certified for conformity with ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

One of the main achievements of INSTRUM-RAND is corporate "Diamond" philosophy development covering all the variety of manufacturing process and positively influencing final result. "Diamond" is a part or action having a deviation from technological process requirements, any mistake or requirement discrepancy. "Diamond" is the most valuable thing the company has, as it contains significant information about inaccuracy in manufacturing process and areas for improvement.

"Diamond" quality management system is developed and implemented methodology of working with defects.

Our Customers

Nowadays Instrum-Rand is one of the Russian leading producers of air tools. Deliveries are executed to such giants of domestic automobile industry as GAZ, VAZ, PAZ, UAZ and numerous enterprises of Ural, Far East, Altai and Siberia. Produced tools are also delivered to foreign markets.